This year, Zèppelin2004-Festival de Arte Sonoro is focussed on audio material relating to situations of conflict and consensus in human societies. In this spirit, and specially conscious of the important role played by sound in the mass demonstrations against the pre-emptive attack on Iraq that took place throughout the world in March and April 2003, they invited musicians and artists around the world to create sound pieces expressing a total rejection of armed conflicts of any kind, to be played back on a high-quality, 8-speaker system in the CCCB Hall area during the festival. The speakers were be arranged around a large semi-circular space and operate continuously between the 19th and the 22nd of May 2004, so that individual pieces were be played various times during the festival.

Instalación de altavoces. Audición continua. Convocatoria internacional de arte sonoro: Obras sonoras contra la guerra. Obras de Edgar F. Abadia, Akrasi, Christian Banasik, Jeremy Castro Baguyos, Juan Carlos Carrazón, Werner Cee, Miha Ciglar, Peter Conegliano, Paul Devens, DJ Amsia, Francis Dohmont, Lawrence English, Mario Fragiacomo, Vittorio Furgeri, Vicente García Landa, Jeff Gburek, Jliat, Arsenije Jovanovic, kai Kraatz, Ernesto Leon, Cyprian Li, Los canales del televisor, Marcella Mandanici, Philip Mantione, Emmanuel Mieville, Daniele Montagner, Norbert Oldani, Thomas Park, Colin Ponthot, Gabriele Proy, Federico Schumacher Ratti, Laurita Siles, Vivienne Spiteri - Vivie' Vinent, Dan Stowell - MCLD, Eugenio Tisselli Vélez, Valery Voronov, Claudio Yituey Chea, Philippe Zunino. CCCB / Hall. Del 19 al 22 de Mayo. De 16:00 a 21:00

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